I’m Carl, a pastor for CEC’s Noah’s Ark. A lot of times, parents have a lot of voices saying a lot of things about their kids and how to raise them. This blog adds yet another voice (!) but hopefully a helpful one. It will talk about the edge that the gospel puts on our ideas about parenting.

“Plants and Pillars” comes from Psalm 144, a prayer for victory against deceit. It trusts that as God leads them, his (and our) children will be like verdant plants and pillars of art–vibrant, growing, beautiful, strong. Here are some thoughts that, I hope, come out of our own prayer for the same thing.

This blog was started for CEC parents, but anyone is welcome. It should also be noted that the posts here don’t reflect some sort of “official position” from CEC about parenting; they’re just ruminations on gospel-edged parenting, to stimulate and encourage. Enjoy!